“If it can be drawn, it can be made”


With the kitchen being the centre of family life it becomes much more than just a place to eat.

At Countryside we know that the busiest room in the house is as hardworking as the family that calls it the ‘heart of the home’ We have designed, built and installed over 3000 projects in the last 40 years giving us the experience and empathy to help you have the kitchen of your dreams


Your Initial Enquiry


You may already have been in one of our kitchens. But if you have not, we have an experienced & knowledgeable team at our Edinburgh showroom who can talk you through all the options available. You are able to spend the time needed looking at the quality and styles of furniture we offer. We operate on an appointment basis so you can take as long as you like to browse and ask any questions.

The Kitchen Planner


Our Kitchen Planner has been put together by Shona Ponder and poses many of the questions you will need to consider about your new space. The planner can be complted on-line or downloaded. Once ready with your notes, email it back to us. This provides our design team a template and a real idea of your vision, goals and budget considerations. We will then contact you to discuss your ideas in more detail. Then we can plan to move to the next stage by visiting you to measure your space and begin the actual design process.

The Design

After visiting you and armed with your detailed brief, our collective ideas and measurements we can then turn this into a design. Our CAD systems give a real world view of the kitchen which we can share with you. We provide a detailed written proposal which outlines all we have talked about from the cost options through to the process of installation and likely timescales.

The Final Choices

All the details regarding your new project are as important as each other. Work Surface finishes, Tiles for a splash-back or finishes on the taps – these are all discussed and finalised. The subsequent contract letter details everything we have spoken about.  Once it is signed we can then begin the manufacture of your kitchen.  All our kitchen furniture is made by our own workshop in Kelso and you are welcome to visit and see your actual kitchen being built.

The Installation

Project Management is handled by our dedicated project management team who will keep you up to date as well as making regular visits to make sure the job is progressing as planned. When managing a large contract all our tradesmen are given annotated lists and plans which they are to complete on site. We also set specific timescales for jobs to be completed within and regularly contact you to give an update of the project as it progresses.

Your Countryside Kitchen

Once a job is complete it is now time for the sign off. Shona and Susie will arrange to meet you in your wonderful new Countryside Kitchen and make sure you are happy. All the information regarding guarantees and any support packages for appliances are gone through over a coffee and we will answer any questions or queries. We then leave you in peace to enjoy your new space.