Your bespoke kitchen, the Countryside way.

Quality craftsmanship & design combine to create beautiful handmade kitchens.

Our motto at Countryside is ‘if it can be drawn, it can be made’. Any size or shape of furniture can be commissioned, exactly the way you envision. We work with quality woods from sustainable sources. Oak, maple, pine, walnut, beech and our popular hand-painted Shaker range produced from tulip wood.

Every Countryside Kitchen is designed and tailor built specifically to our client’s vision, and it’s our mission to bring that vision to life. With our 40 years of experience and end-to-end management from the initial design right through to completed installation, you are in safe hands.

Bespoke - made for you

Being bespoke we have the ability for our designers to create timeless pieces of furniture for any room in the home. 

Whether it be a side table for the hall or a pantry for your kitchen we have it in hand. Every piece is made exactly for your house, your measurements and your lifestyle.

Built to last

The cabinetry in a Countryside handmade kitchen is solid wood and crafted using traditional joinery techniques. It can even be repainted and refreshed over time. A handmade kitchen is designed not only for your home but will also serve your family for generations.

Local & sustainable

High volume manufacturing may provide a low initial price point, but at a high carbon cost. A locally crafted, sustainably and ethically sourced handmade kitchen is significantly kinder to the planet.

Our manufacturing facility is in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Our carefully managed supply chain is short and constantly monitored to ensure sustainability. 

Taste over trend

Fashions may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion’ A handmade kitchen  enables you to express yourself and your personality freely through your kitchen design. You can think about how you use the space and what matters to you rather than simply succumbing to the latest trend. 

Cost of ownership

When comparing bulk with bespoke it’s worth thinking very carefully about the total cost involved and the cost of ownership.  In terms of the investment you are making in your home and your family, over the years your handmade kitchen will return your investment not only in quality of life, but also by adding real value to your home.

Here to stay

Selling high volume kitchens at a low price is a challenging business model and we have seen many of them come and go over the years. A bespoke handmade kitchen means working with a family owned company with decades of experience, bringing peace of mind that they will be there for you in the future.

Truly beautiful bespoke handmade kitchens, from our family to yours.