Creating ‘The Pavillion’ & transforming unusual spaces.

The McDonalds were renovating a house and a cottage, and so the site was full of builders and scaffolding when Countryside Kitchens & Interiors got involved. The family wondered how on earth our designer, Shona, would be able to see her way past all the workmen and the chaos!

“We’d been working constantly for almost two and a half years, and we couldn’t see the wood for the trees,” said Catherine. “We were knocking down walls and had already drawn up plans for the cottage. But Shona has a gift for visualising a space, and helped us see another option that wouldn’t block the light. We repositioned everything on her advice, and it looks fantastic.”

The couple’s first project with Countryside Kitchens & Interiors was a bespoke ‘snug’ area in the cottage, for their teenage sons and friends. It has a drinks and breakfast bar with a walnut worktop, cooker and fridge, as well as a dresser for crockery, painted in the same Farrow & Ball shade as the bar unit.


“We couldn’t fault Jerry’s project management. Everything happened to schedule, without any problems.”

“The round bar is fantastic,” says Catherine. “You can sit at one side, while the sink and coffee maker are out of sight. The boys were thrilled.” The couple were impressed by Countryside Kitchen’s creativity and craftsmanship, and gave Shona free rein to design their next project – the ‘tennis pavilion’.

“It was really just a glorified shed,” she says. “We had other things to work on and just left it up to Shona. We hadn’t envisaged that it could become such a beautiful space for entertaining. It’s really sweet – a great place to spend the afternoon in the summer.”

The pavilion looks out over tennis courts and has French doors and a complete kitchen, as well as bespoke curved seating.


The new space inspired the owners to develop further, and they’ve now built a barbecue, a stone pizza oven, and even a treehouse nearby, turning the ‘shed’ into a wonderful welcoming summerhouse for friends and visitors. “Last year we had lots of children and families round for a big barbecue, and we all watched the Wimbledon final together!”

High quality materials and robust paint finishes as well as rounded edges mean the kitchen is able to withstand the regular onslaught of children, animals and muddy boots.

With a bespoke project like this, the owner’s advice is to take full advantage of Countryside Kitchen’s flexibility and experience, and be open to ideas. “They’re fantastic designers, and great at visualising spaces. Listen to them, let them be creative, and they’ll come up with something amazing. Jerry’s project management was also excellent. Everything happened to schedule, and there were no problems at all. We had one or two snagging issues like sticky doors – they were back in a flash to sort it. You wouldn’t even have known they were there.”


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