A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE A kitchen emerges

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

The wait to be honest felt like forever! Although our worktop was turned around in double quick time the plumbers booked in for the second fix and associated trades coming after that point are of course all busy elsewhere – So rather like an empty restaurant potentially not serving up the best dishes, and the full ones have a waiting list – the best trades are always in high demand.

Nevertheless, Wednesday came along and the second fix plumbing commenced. This is when things actually get connected and we begin to see some functionality

Our old Esse range had two hotplates, which were more binary in their operation than is ideal for cooking. The new LPG gas connection gives us a 5 burner hob so I can once again have a tremulous simmer! Speaking to some neighbours about LPG useage, The 2 x 19kg LPG gas bottles we have look like they will do us for several years. (keeps fingers crossed)

The plumbing is now almost complete. A return visit is needed to connect up the new kitchen radiator and we figured this would be good to leave until after the decorating has been done as the pipework is exposed and decorative – so we don’t want to get paint on it.

Tomorrow the tiling commences, which is really exciting and will make all the difference to the room as our kitchen emerges. Friday is fixing some snags on the lighting and connecting the extractor to the outside world. Then next week we will get to see the decorating done and ideally we will be able to move back into our kitchen!

Simon C

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