A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE Week 2 Complete

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

Both Thursday and Friday were very long days. Not so much for me, but for Gavin fitting the kitchen and George (plasterer & decorator) Gavin spent all of Thursday fine tuning the cabinets along with the drawers and cupboards so everything is even. We have 3 dimensional adjustment on all of the drawers. Gavin did explain, but I think I may need a manual ! In essence I think you have up and down on left and right as well as forwards and backwards adjustments.

Again, the thing with having everything bespoke and choosing each individual component is that there are decisions to be made. The cup handles and cupboard / drawer knobs can be fitted anywhere on the face – so we needed to figure out where worked for us. I think we got it right in the end!

A note of thanks to all of the folk that are putting this together for us. Our experience with the garden room build showed quite clearly that there are trades who love what they do and those that would probably rather be somewhere else. From all the way through this process, it’s abundantly clear that everyone involved at both Countryside and Newcraft, are really sold on the concept of what they are doing and it shows in the quality of workmanship. When someone put’s their name on something for someone to find in many many years time…. it’s someone who is proud of what they are doing. Gavin finished up his part of the installation on Friday – Thank you!!

Friday was shelf day and plastering day for the utility, some bits in the kitchen and the other side of the time capsule we put in. George put in a good 10 hour day and again care and attention to detail was his priority.

The shelves look amazing and the wiring for the lights hidden away in the wall thanks to some clever and very neat work on plastering.

By the end of Friday we have the all of units installed, the plastering is completed, the electrical work is ready, the plumbing is ready, the worktop space measured, drawings reviewed and approved. So now we wait for 7 – 10 working days for the worktop to be manufactured and delivered. In that time, the plaster will completely dry and we will be patient and promise not to keep phoning Nicola every day asking where our worktop is!

The weather is good, the BBQ working, we have salad possibly some wine somewhere –

If you are considering remodelling your kitchen, utility or boot-room, we have lots of ideas in our brochures as well as the galleries for ideas. Get in touch with us for more information