A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE End of week 5

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

It was a bit of a start and stop week in some ways but at the end, we have a painted kitchen! Monday was a bank holiday, so not too much going on – Tuesday saw George come to site first thing in the morning and begin to prepare the walls, ceilings and woodwork for painting. So, much preparation along with caulking of gaps and making everything perfect before the painting begins. ‘Roll and stroll’ was laid down onto the floor to avoid any spillages and preparations continued.

The plumbers were due to make their final visit to connect up the new kitchen radiator on Wednesday morning. So on Tuesday night we had a finished skirting board where the new exposed pipework would run to avoid trying to paint round the pipes!

As they began to go up, we were naturally concerned about the colour and had we done the right thing, was it too much? did it work? After a slightly restless night, Friday morning came and Gary returned to grout the tiles and as I walked in, I realised that it was actually more than fine, it works really well and lifts the light in the room. The grout works with the porcalin of the sink and will work with the ceiling when that gets painted. As a room it all hangs together color wise altghough we are not finished yet!

Wednesday morning came and the plumbers arrived to fit the new rad – which as these tend to took a little longer than we had all imagined so Wednesday was spent finishing prep and undercoating and the real painting began with a long Thursday and finished on the Friday lunchtime. By mid afternoon everything was dry enough for us to be able to take up the roll and stroll and Susan got to clean the floor. – Lucky thing !!

Our new kitchen is almost complete – we managed to re arrange the garden room furniture just in time for visitors on Friday afternoon and night.

We have one more big piece to complete, which is coming on Monday…. We can hopefully get to the re assembling of the utility room over this weekend so by mid next week, we should have be into the final flourishes of our fabulous countryside kitchen!

There is a lot to learn with a new cooker, grill, dishwasher, and where we put everything in the new layout. What is wonderful is that every time you open a drawer or cupboard, it feels luxurious and a joy to do. Designing things on-line we all talk about the importance of the UI (User Interface) the UI of the kitchen is perfection itself!

Last update should be next week – Then, I’m going to do some cooking!

Simon C

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