A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE Days 4 & 5

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

After the plastering was left to settle and dry, we didn’t have too much going on Thursday, however Friday is Furniture day!

Pretty much first thing, Harry the logistics manager from Countryside appeared outside in a big van in the back of which is our custom made cabinets.

In ways of experimentation, I asked Elliot if I could try the process of having our furniture sprayed at the workshop at Kelso over being hand finished on site. Generally, the cabinets are primed and then hand painted, but I wanted to try a completely sprayed finish. So that is what we are going for.

Did I say that that the microwaved steak and ale pie was good and the experimental potatoes, were not too bad. If I didn’t I have now. The weather today started out sunny, so I thought BBQ! Now it’s snowing… That’s May in Scotland for you.

We got word that Shona and Susie were in the area and would be coming by to check progress.

And so ends week 1 – things I have learned.

  • Microwaved ready meals are pants
  • Electrical installations take a lot of time and thought and then get hidden away
  • Plastering is an art, it takes time – but in the end it will mean you have beautiful looking walls
  • Don’t mistake a sharpie for a pencil and write on a wall with it !
  • No matter how much you plan there will always be things that crop up and need to be figured out on the spot.
  • Add take away meals into your budget when planning your kitchen 😉
  • Next week we have F Jones coming to measure for the template to manufacture the worktop. So before they do, the units will need to be finalised and in place. So joinery, templating, and more joinery I think.

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂


If you are considering remodelling your kitchen, utility or boot-room, we have lots of ideas in our brochures as well as the galleries for ideas. Get in touch with us for more information