A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE Day3

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

More electrics, plastering and a site visit!

Another early start, so early I can barely remember what we discussed first thing. John was here making sure everyone was in the right place and that things are all progressing to plan. Excitingly, it looks like we may see the actual furniture on Friday!

Much tapping of walls was done – not quite in the Basil Fawlty style, but working out if there are bits of plaster that are on the way to being blown. If you are plastering a bit of wall and there is another bit of the same wall which needs doing / is about to fall off, it makes sense to do it whilst you are there. Naturally there is a balance as to what is reasonable – Sadly I can’t really get the guys to replaster the whole house under the guise of “while you’re here” but there is some flexibility.

As the power points are moved to more sensible places which work with the new design, there are some fairly large holes and tracks made in the walls. So there is a fair amount of rough plaster first and then finer stuff to go on. This will all take some time to dry so getting to this bit as early as practical makes sense.

We are covering up the old serving hatch as it’s of no practical use apart from somewhere to accumulate stuff… We are also blocking up the other side in what is now the study – So I set about putting together a ‘time capsule’ to go in what will be a completely hidden empty hole in the wall. I popped in last weekend’s paper, a covid advice thing, a copy of the village newsletter, a Vinyl LP of woven by Gavin Greenaway and a few somewhat dubious CD’s from the ‘90’s featuring yours truly. So, someone may get a surprise one day in the future – I wonder if record players or CD players will still be around when they are found?!

Did I say that that the microwaved steak and ale pie was good and the experimental potatoes, were not too bad. If I didn’t I have now. The weather today started out sunny, so I thought BBQ! Now it’s snowing… That’s May in Scotland for you.

We got word that Shona and Susie were in the area and would be coming by to check progress.

Ben continues working on re-routing the power cables around the kitchen. When you simply switch something on, you forget how much work goes into getting the power there. A kitchen needs lots of outlets . Appliances need powering close by and a separate control switch which maybe the other side of the room. All of the lighting circuits for the ceiling and also the shelves and unit lighting. The power outlets are positioned in the right place for the worktop and where you will be working have all been thought out, but need to be cabled. It’s Ben’s job today to physically get the power to the right place before George (the plasterer) covers it all over so it’s like Ben was never there.

Ideally we’ll have a completely free day tomorrow for everything to dry out, however it looks like George will be back again in the morning to finish off some other bits, before the furniture arrives. Even still, the majority of the furniture is below the plaster line so we have all of the weekend for things to dry naturally.

It’s stopped snowing, so I’m going for bbq’d steak and salad – no microwaves will be harmed during in the making of my food!

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