A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE Day2

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

Electrical day today

John again here early and today is sparky day. There is as always a lot to do and decisions to be made on the hoof. Now the kitchen is out, I can see that where we have a lighting rail attached to a beam, it would make a lot more sense if we dispensed with the rail and added 3 more swivel spots into the beam. Jumping up and ‘tapping’ it I can hear it’s hollow. So mention this to John. We have also figured out that we had specc’ed too many spots in another part of the ceiling (6 where we only really need 4) so adding 3 to the new location where there is already power, should be straightforward eh?

Well it nearly was – All the mini spots swivel so we can point them in the right direction. After making the holes in the ‘hollow’ beam we discover the RSJ which of course its just in exactly the wrong place for the swivel spots to work. Happily Grant immediately found an alternative which is exactly the same as all of the others visually but shallower so we can still tilt them. It’s things like this that happen all the time and having someone who knows what they are doing is invaluable.

Ah, yes – microwaveable chinese food from the supermarket is … ummmm not great. How ironic for a keen cook (me) to be getting the kitchen I have always dreamed of but in the interim I’m living on rubbish food. One thing is for sure. Tonight will be better! Freezer to the rescue and some home made steak and ale pie mix comes out and I google how to cook potatoes in a microwave. It involves pricking them with a fork a bit of water and high power until they are done…. We’ll see later on.

More first fix electrics were installed so we have lots of cables hanging from the ceiling when the new lights will go. Points are moved, made redundant, added, blanked off. Each detail often needs a bit of thought on positioning.

John set up a template where the open shelves are going so we can work out where the wires will need to be for their LED’s We then figured out that the three shelves we have specced would mean they would be quite close together and as I have designs on having some of my recipe books there it means a rethink. This results in us having 2 shelves, so having shelved the third shelf (haha) we work out that the skylights are not central to the building – they are 100mm off set – Quite why, who knows? So we then need to aesthetically work out where shelves should sit and opt for lining them up with the skylights. and far enough apart to hold my books. The wiring for the shelves can now commence.

Tomorrow is plastering – we need to get this done early as practically possible so it has plenty of time to dry before we decorate.

To be continued


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