A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE Day 6

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

We spent the weekend sorting a few things out and also popping in and out of the emerging kitchen to check this, that and the other things. Quite a lot of opening and closing of drawers and loving the soft close mechanisms.

As is the way of anything bespoke, there will be things that need a touch of adjustment just to make them exactly how we would like. We also had a couple small bits of scuffs to the units which needed to be resolved. This is not a failing on anyone’s part, simply recognition that when something is made individually perfectly for you, in order to get it perfect there will often be some additional tweaking required.

Last week we discovered that the skylights at the end of the kitchen are not actually centered to the room, but 100mm off to one side. Whilst this is not noticable in any real way normally, when you are installing a kitchen it becomes something you need to think about. Do we line the shelves up to the windows or to the edges of the units? Wh are going for the edges of the units

Susan meanwhile was being eminently more sensible and had worked out that our cutlery insert wasn’t really going to help us very much – so set about designing a new one – sent the plan and image over to Elliot who is going to make us a new one as per her specification. It’s small things like this that actually improve your quality of life better. Not having to search around and get the wrong sized spoon out EVERY TIME, will be fantastic !

We also made some tiny adjustments to the placing of the sink unit 60mm further away from the magic corner. It means that the sink now sits comfortably in front of the window rather than in the corner. Yes it’s small amount, but amazing quite how much difference it makes. It also happily works better at the other end as all of the other units move 60mm meaning the worktop finishes in the absolutely perfect place just shot of the opening to the garden room meaning no ugly gap of floor before we get to the floor tiles. These adjustments and reworks often only appear once you are on site and physically see the issue when the kitchen is stripped out.

At the end of Monday we had some units attached to the wall, a new hole for the extractor hood, some units adjusted and returned repainted done and even a unit on the wall.

In the next two days, we should see all of the units in the correct place and possibly the cooker in place too ready for the templating on Wednesday.

Tonight will be BBQ sausages !

If you are considering remodelling your kitchen, utility or boot-room, we have lots of ideas in our brochures as well as the galleries for ideas. Get in touch with us for more information