A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE Week 2 Cont

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

Tuesday was spent getting ready for Wednesday… or maybe that’s what we all normally do on a Tuesday? (existential discussion here) In the world of kitchen installations, we need to get everything in place as it will be in order for the measurements to be taken for the worktop template. F Jones come and do this as it is a specialist job.

The important thing however is for all of the cabinets., units, and appliances to be in situ for this to take place. If they are not the stone worktop (In our case , Caeserstone) would not fit perfectly – So no pressure!

John and Gavin are on site today and it’s a long day of adjusting, perfecting and joinery.

All of the base units are all back including the adjusted sink unit. The open shelves would be here too, but had a small ‘accident’ on the way out of the paint shop! So we’ll wait another day or so for those. They’re not critical for the templating – which is the ‘big’ thing!

The adjusted sink unit now sits happily underneath the window.

So the time comes. The man from F Jones is here to do the template for our worktop! It has been said by someone far wittier than I, that voting for the first time is abit like losing one’s virginity : It’s all over in a flash and didn’t really live up to expectations. I don’t want to say that about templating…..but….. Well there was a big build up to it and it didn’t take very long 😉

The blue box in the pictures below is a Proliner which enables the taking of accurate measurements for worktops. These can then be reviewed and changed on-site if required. They can then be exported and sent over as ready to use production files for CNC machines. So no need to print them off and send them off by courier any more.

At the end of the day, we had the cooker, sink and dishwasher in place. The cooker hood was up and our new kitchen was really starting to emerge.

The worktop will take 7-10 working days to manufacture and deliver back to us. So the coming days will see Gavin finish off the joinery in the kitchen. Adding on the handles, finishing around the edges of the cabinets, working so the bottom of the units match up with the floor and those pesky shelves will make a return! Then we have more plastering in the utility room and I believe some decorating in the kitchen. Once the worktop is back and fitted we can then move onto second fix, decorating proper and tiling.

Food wise I managed to almost set fire to a bowl of rice in the microwave, which meant 2 things: 1. the smoke alarms work and 2. I am getting rid of the microwave as soon as our kitchen is complete!


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