A new kitchen from start to finish – LIVE End of week 4

Our project began just over a year ago. We had plans to add on a garden room

We have a gas hob, we have running hot and cold water, a dishwasher that is so quiet I was convinced it didn’t actually work, and we have tiles! It was really exciting and gratifying to see the careful crafting of the tiles going up. A bit like plastering, it’s a creative process requring an artists touch although Gary our tiler would have none of that nonsense!

He set about prepping the area, covering everything with blue cling-film, so to protect our worktop and then set about placing the tiles on the wall. There were cuts and adjustments to make everything work together around the corners of the window sill and sink

As they began to go up, we were naturally concerned about the colour and had we done the right thing, was it too much? did it work? After a slightly restless night, Friday morning came and Gary returned to grout the tiles and as I walked in, I realised that it was actually more than fine, it works really well and lifts the light in the room. The grout works with the porcalin of the sink and will work with the ceiling when that gets painted. As a room it all hangs together color wise altghough we are not finished yet!

Gavin was also back with us Friday to connect up the extractor fan and trouble shoot the lights in the cabinet. The extractor works a treat and we are now able to test run the cooker, although we have to be very careful as the tiles still need a final crackle glaze sealer which will happen on Monday.

Decorating commences Tuesday now, so over the weekend we are hoping to unpack some of our kitchen boxes and find new homes for all our pot and pans. With some last parts of plumbing to do and some boxing in of the new pipes, decorating the kitchen and some final snagging to get through our countryside kitchen will be complete!

Looking forward to posting those completed pictures and comparing with what we started out with.

Simon C

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